Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming (It's Game Time!)

Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming Activities!

Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

Do you love gaming?

If you're looking for the best open back headphones for gaming, you've come to the right place!

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the technology behind the open-back headphone and how they can improve your experience.

We'll also provide a list of our top five picks for the right open back headphone build quality that you seeking, so you can find the perfect pair for your needs!

Long gaming sessions are more fun when you have great audio and a wide soundstage presence.

With open back headphones for gaming, you'll be able to hear every sound effect and dialogue with crystal clarity. You'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action!

Read on to find the best headphones for you!

How We Chose The Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

It can be tough to find good-quality headphones that fit your budget, especially if you are a gamer!

Some can't decide between an open gaming headset or a closed gaming headset.

You might be tempted to buy the first pair of gaming headsets you see that are within your budget, but you could be sacrificing sound quality.

We understand that noise isolation and build quality are the cornerstone of wanting a true sound signature among all other gaming headphones.

Our list includes a variety of great-sounding headphones that will fit any budget. We've read through thousands of reviews to make sure you're getting the best possible sound for your money.

Best Gaming Headphones For Sound Quality

Sennheiser GSP 550

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#1  - Sennheiser GSP 550 - Best Sound Quality Gaming Headset

Best for sound quality and adjustable contact pressure and a customized fit providing the most comfortable wearing experience.

Very detailed sound is the most important factor when it comes to all audio situations especially when it comes to finding the right kind of gaming headsets.

The Technical Facts!

Experience the thrill of 7.1 surround sound with the Sennheiser GSP 550 gaming headset. These headphones deliver an immersive gaming experience, with on-the-fly audio adjustments and innovative headband design for a comfortable fit.

The sound-activated microphone system ensures clear communication with your teammates, and the single button click mute function makes it easy to stay in control.  The Sennheiser headphones take the stage when it comes to excellent sound and bring a change to the Sennheiser game.

Whether you're playing your favorite online game or watching a movie, the Sennheiser GSP 550 provides an exciting and lifelike audio experience and is the best open-back headphones for its series.

Your Tactical Advantage!

If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, it’s important to find a pair that will be comfortable to wear for long periods and that will offer high-quality sound, especially if you searching for a decent gaming headset with a great build quality.

This brings a game changer to the Sennheiser game of headphones for having excellent sound.

These open back headphones for gaming are a great option for both gamers and general users. They’re adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit, and they’re also very comfortable to wear. In addition, they offer high-definition audio, making them a great option for gamers who want the best possible sound quality.

And finally, they’re compatible with multiple PC platforms and operating systems, so you can use them with your favorite games and applications.

Best Gaming Headphones For Sound Balance

Philips Fidelio X2HR

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#2 - Philips Fidelio X2HR - Best Balanced

Best for more balanced sound reproduction and gives neutral sound with built-in mic control for any streamer's needs when it comes to type so vocals, quality, and sound ranges.

The Technical Facts!

If you're looking for an excellent pair of headphones that will provide you with a great listening experience, then you'll want to check out the Philips Fidelio X2HR.

These open back gaming headphones are perfect for general use, as they are adjustable, comfortable, and produce great sound quality.  Also, balance can determine the quality of the type of gaming headsets that you research or want to use, this is why it is always good to find the best that works with your gaming console or computer needs.

Additionally, they are compatible with multiple PC platforms and operating systems, so you can use them on any device. Whether you're using them for work or leisure, you'll appreciate the high-quality audio that the Philips Fidelio X2HR provides.

Your Tactical Advantage!

If you're looking for open-back gaming headphones that offer great performance, the Philips Fidelio X2HR is a great option for a pair of gaming headphones and sound leakage prevention.

They deliver a very balanced sound that is perfect for beginner streamers or vocalists who want to record clear, high-quality audio.

The ear pads are comfortable and breathable, making them perfect for long listening sessions. Plus, the headband is adjustable so you can find the perfect fit.

Whether you're recording your next stream or just enjoying your music, the Philips Fidelio X2HR is a great choice.

Best Gaming Headphones For Soundstage Control

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

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#3  - Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro - Best Overall Soundstage

Best for reproducing high-resolution tracks and having a clear and crisp sound quality with a spacious soundstage.  Background noise can be an issue sometimes, especially in wanting your privacy.  These comfortable headphones are perfect when needing to listen to the sound effects of your digital or in-game surroundings.

The Technical Facts!

If you're looking for headphones that will provide the perfect setting for any sound application, you'll want to check out these headphones.

Thanks to their transparent, spacious, strong bass and treble sound, they'll give you the audio experience you're looking for.

Whether you're listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a video game, these headphones will immerse you in the soundscape and help you get the most out of your experience.

And because they're so comfortable to wear, you'll be able to enjoy them for hours on end without experiencing any discomfort.

So if you're in the market for a new pair of headphones, be sure to give these a try. You won't be disappointed.

Your Tactical Advantage!

If you're looking for headphones that are both comfortable and deliver great overall sound quality, then you'll want to check out these headphones.

They're made with soft, padding materials that conform to the shape of your head, making them incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods. In addition, the ear pads are designed to evenly distribute weight so that you don't experience any discomfort even after wearing them for hours on end.

Plus, the sound performance is excellent, thanks to the 40mm drivers that produce clear and punchy audio.

Whether you're streaming your favorite music or working in the studio, these headphones will help you stay focused and comfortable all day long.

Best Gaming Headphones For Multi-Point Connections

Philips Fidelio L3

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#4 - Philips Fidelio L3 - Best Multi-Listening

Best for active noise canceling and wireless Bluetooth control for multipoint connections.

The Technical Facts!

The headphones are made to be extremely versatile for active sound and noise-canceling.

This is because of the two mics in each ear pad which filter out unwanted sounds. As a result, you are free to immerse yourself in any audio experience. The ear cups are also padded which makes them more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

In addition, the self-adjusting headband is adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit. The headphones also come with a carrying case so that you can easily take them with you on the go.

Overall, these headphones are a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile option for their audio needs.

Your Tactical Advantage!

In any first-person shooter, awareness is key. You need to be able to hear footsteps coming around corners, and determine whether there are hostiles nearby.

Footsteps are one of the most important sounds in any FPS, and a good pair of headphones can make all the difference.

Many gamers choose to use gaming headsets that feature 7.1 surround sound, which gives them a competitive edge over other competitive gamers. However, not all gamers can afford a high-end headset.

There are still many great options available for those on a budget. The most important thing is to make sure that you can hear footsteps. This will give you a big advantage in any gunfight.

Best Gaming Headphones For System & Audio Adaptability


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#5 - HIFIMAN Deva-Pro - Best Adaptability

Best for anyone who loves to multi-task from stationary tasks to movement needs.  These gaming headphones have both wired-in and Bluetooth functionality to adapt to any situation that is needed.

The Technical Facts!

Being able to hear what you need to hear, and only what you need to hear is important in any gaming experience or situation.

With the development of special stealth magnets, your headphones will not create the sound waves that generate interference. This allows you to get an edge on all things gaming, software, and sound.

You will be able to go into any digital environment and know that you will not be generating interference that could ruin your game or software experience.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy your game or software to the fullest extent possible without worrying about the quality of your sound.

Your Tactical Advantage!

In the past, people had to choose between wired headphones and wireless headphones. However, this is no longer the case. These headphones accommodate both wired and wireless connections, giving you the flexibility to use them in any situation.

The wired connection is great for when you need a reliable, uninterrupted signal. The wireless connection is perfect for when you want to be able to move around freely without being tethered to your device.

This dual-capability is a necessity in the ever-changing digital universe. With these headphones, you'll be able to enjoy your music no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Best Gaming Headphones For Audio Clarity

Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK

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#6 - Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK - Best Audio Clarity

Best for battery quality an Incredibly lightweight headset (less than 220 grams) offers long hours of comfortable gaming.

The Technical Facts!

Stealth Magnets have completely changed the audio game by creating a new standard in sound waves. These magnets are designed in a way that allows the sound waves to pass through without any type of interference.

This gives you an edge on all things gaming, software, sound, and overall tasks in any digital environment you might need to go into.

No other headphones on the market can give you the same level of audio quality and clarity that Stealth Magnets provide.

If you're looking for headphones that will give you an edge on your competition, look no further than Stealth Magnets.

Your Tactical Advantage!

In a world that is constantly evolving, it is important to have products that can change with you. These headphones are the perfect example of that, as they come with both wired and wireless capabilities.

Whether you want to use them traditionally or take advantage of the latest technology, they can accommodate your needs.

The wireless Bluetooth connection is perfect for those who are always on the go, as it eliminates the need for tangled cords. And if you ever find yourself in a situation where the battery dies, you can simply switch to the wired option and continue using them without interruption.

With these headphones, you will never have to worry about being left behind in the digital age.

Best Gaming Headphones For Voice & MIC Control

Philips Audio SHP9600MB

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#7 - Philips Audio SHP9600MB - Best Voice & MIC Control

Best mic quality with boom mic technology to easily be attached/detached transforming your regular headphones into a professional gaming headset, or WFH business headset for clear voice and calls.

In most cases when you research the best open back headphones for gaming needs some styles can seem to maybe seem okay, but when it comes to voice quality and control it is hard to beat this quality of a gaming headset.

The Technical Facts!

When it comes to sound, you want headphones that can deliver clear, crisp audio with plenty of detail.

A boom mic is designed to pick up sounds from where they are pointing and to reject off-axis sounds.

This makes them ideal for recording dialog, as they can be positioned close to the actors without picking up unwanted ambient noise. However, boom mics can also be used for other purposes, such as recording Foley effects or capturing ambiance.

No matter what the use, a boom mic is an essential tool for any film or video production.

That's where the 50MM drivers on these headphones come in. They're perfectly tuned to deliver exceptional sound quality across the entire frequency response range, from deep bass notes to soaring highs.

And because they're open back, they allow air to flow freely through the speaker elements, preventing pressure build-up that can cause echoes.

As a result, you'll enjoy clear, natural sound without any distractions. Whether you're listening to music or watching a movie, these headphones will immerse you in your audio experience.

Most headsets don't have detachable cables or adaptors to be mobile in your experience, but these do, so adjusting positions will be easy.

Your Tactical Advantage!

The Phillips Audio SHP9600MB is designed to provide exceptional comfort and sound quality.

The ear cup is made from breathable material that is comfortable for long listening sessions, and the headband is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

The headphones also include a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter for compatibility with any source, and the audio cable is nearly five feet long to allow freedom of movement.   So you can freely have mobility if you need a detachable audio cable or just to move on the go.

We all have had the audio cable mess before, and know how hard it came to be when it comes to cleaning up, which is why these are great when it comes to having the right positional audio and movement around your area.

Whether you're in the studio or on the go, the Phillips Audio SHP9600MB headphones are an ideal choice for superior sound quality and comfort.

Best Gaming Headphones For Signal Output

Sennheiser HD 650

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#8 - Sennheiser HD 650 - Best Overall  Signal Output

Best volume power to deliver high power neodymium magnets deliver maximum efficiency; 3.5-millimeter jack plug.

Frequency response (Headphones):10 41000 Hz.  The overall level output of this gaming headset provides one of the best open back headphones for gaming that you can research.

The Technical Facts!

THD, or total harmonic distortion, is a measure of the amount of distortion present in a signal. The higher the THD, the more distorted the signal will be.

When it comes to audio signals, THD is particularly important, as even a small amount of distortion can seriously degrade the quality of the sound.

Thankfully, specially designed acoustic silk helps to reduce THD to an incredible 0.05 percent.

In addition, the improved frequency response is 10 39,500 Hertz ( 10 dB), ensuring that all frequencies are accurately reproduced. As a result, you can enjoy your music with minimal distortion and maximum fidelity.

Your Tactical Advantage!

The dynamic drivers in these speakers have been hand-selected and matched for the best possible sound quality.

The magnet systems have been highly optimized to minimize harmonic and intermodulation distortion.

The voice coils are made of lightweight aluminum for a very fast transient response. These speakers are sure to give you the best possible sound quality.

Best Gaming Headphones For Accessory Compatibility

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE

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#9 - EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE - Best Gaming Compatibility

Best compatibility with virtually every audio device including phones, tablets, consoles, and computers.  The open back headphone quality on these is by far one of the best we have reviewed when it comes to the build quality as well.

When it comes to being the best open back headphones for compatibility the Sennheiser takes this one hand down.

The Sennheiser game one headphones sound great by having accurate sound reproduction through a full wide frequency response to make a comfortable gaming headset for any added-on device.

The Technical Facts!

Open Acoustics - The classic high-end open acoustic gaming headset is designed for extremely natural, spatial sound. It delivers sonically accurate hi-fi audio that reveals the details and dynamic realism of the game’s audio for better game performance.

The Sennheiser Game One product is made to work with any type of game system including PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. The company that makes this product is known for its innovative design which allows for a comfortable gaming experience.

This product also includes a noise-canceling microphone so that you can be heard clearly during online gaming sessions.

Overall, the Open Acoustics gaming headset is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to improve their gaming experience.

Your Tactical Advantage!

The design of the Sennheiser Game One is something that needs to be seen to be believed. They are modern, lightweight, and yet still very robust thanks to the plush velour-covered XXL ear pads.

This means that you can wear them for extended periods without feeling any discomfort. The professional quality noise-canceling microphone ensures crystal clear conversations, and it automatically mutes when the boom arm is raised.

The volume control is conveniently located on the right ear cup so you can easily adjust it while wearing the headphones. The braided fabric cable adds an extra level of durability.

Best Gaming Headphones For Sound Depth & Audio Ranges


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#10 - HIFIMAN Edition XS - Best Sound Depth & Audio Ranges

Best depth and range of well-recorded music to an affordably priced headphone so it brings a naturally wide soundstage that puts the listener in the best seat in the house.

The Technical Facts!

The sound waves generated by a conventional magnet are known to cause interference, which in turn degrades the quality of the sound.

The planar magnetic headphones with stealth magnets design also bring elements to your competitive gaming audio experience where any ambient noise can easily flow to produce incredible sound.

However, HIFIMAN's advanced magnet design is acoustically transparent and does not Diffract wave turbulence, which would reduce the integrity of the sound waves.

The result is a pure sonic output that is accurate and full-range. Some Headsets can have sound leakage to some variables, but this quality makes it to where almost all sound is contained and settled for your listening experiences.

The use of Stealth Magnets enables the sound waves to pass through the magnets without generating interference, making it an ideal choice for those who want to experience pure, unadulterated sound and sound reproduction.

Your Tactical Advantage!

The headphones are designed with comfort in mind. The lightweight and ergonomic design allow for hours of listening pleasure.

In the competitive gaming world, we all know that noise isolation and being able to hear footsteps or controlling proper ambient noise are key when it comes to being at the edge of your streak, and these fit well to all factors with all gaming consoles or PC experiences.

The exterior is made of refined matte black material, and the interior headphones feature high-grade memory foam for the most comfortable fit and elasticity.

The headphone's structural design supports a wide variety of head shapes and sizes.

In addition, the ear cups are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit for all users. The headphone also features a noise-canceling design that blocks out unwanted noise.

Who would not want the perfect noise isolation control in an intense gaming match? We all would, and from that, it blocks out the unwanted external sound so your gaming experiences are much better.

Active noise cancellation makes it perfect for use in busy environments. Whether you're working in an office or traveling on a plane, the headphones will block out the noise and allow you to focus on your work or enjoy your music in peace.

Open Back Headphones For Gaming FAQs

You're considering buying a pair of open headphones for gaming, but you have some questions about them.

There are many different headphones types and options, though when it comes to the best gaming setup.

It can be tough to figure out if a type of open back headphone is the right choice for you since there's so much conflicting information out there.

We've put together this FAQ to answer all your questions about open back headphones for gaming so you know what to purchase today!

What is an open back headphone or headphones?

Open back headphones are headphones that allow sound to escape from both the back and the front of the ear cups.

This design is intended to create a more natural and spacious listening experience, as opposed to closed back headphones which only allow sound to escape from the ear cup.

The open back headphone technology usually has better sound quality than a closed headphone, because they don't suffer from the "cabinet effect"--a phenomenon that causes all of the sounds in a room to be louder when they're being played through a closed box (like a cabinet).

Closed back headphones also tend to have sound leaking, which can be annoying for people around you.

Why use open back headphones?

Open back headphones allow sound to escape the ears, which provides a more natural and spacious sound.

They are often used in recording studios because of their ability to create a sense of space and air around the instruments.

Open back headphones also have a better bass response because the air movement is not restricted.

This is why they are often preferred by audiophiles and people who listen to music for enjoyment and make it the pinnacle of the list for audiophile headphones.

Closed-back gaming headsets provide a more sealed-off listening experience and can be better for blocking out external noise and bringing true noise isolation control.

Is open back headphones good for gaming?

It depends on what you mean by "good for gaming." Open back headphones can provide a more natural and spacious soundstage, which can be beneficial in first-person shooter games or games that require precise audio cues and excellent audio quality.

However, they also leak sound outwards, which can be distracting to people around you.

If you're looking for headphones that will give you an edge in your gaming sessions, then open back headphones may be a good option for you.

Just keep in mind that they may not be ideal for use in public places.

Should I get open or closed headphones for gaming?

It depends on what you're looking for in a gaming headphone. Open headphones offer a more spacious and natural soundstage, which can be helpful in games that require spatial awareness (like shooters).

Closed headphones offer more accurate bass and isolation from outside noise, which can be beneficial in genres like racing or action games. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Some people find open headphones too "bright" sounding or harsh, while others find the extra isolation of closed headphones to be claustrophobic.

Can you use open back headphones for general music?

Yes. Open back headphones are great for general music listening because they produce a natural and spacious soundstage that feels like the music is being performed live in front of you.

They're also perfect for tracking and mixing because they allow you to monitor the audio signal more accurately by giving you a true representation of how the music will sound when played back on other systems.

Are open back headphones good for FPS games?

There's no definitive answer, as it depends on what type of FPS game you're playing and your personal preferences.

Some people prefer open headphones because they provide a more natural sound and allow you to hear your environment better and have better noise isolation in those moments when you're the last one alive on your team to take home the victory.

This can be helpful in games where you need to be aware of your surroundings, such as FPS games or multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

How are open back headphones compared to other types of headphones?

Open-back headphones are a type of headphones that allows air to flow through the shell of the earcup, providing natural ventilation and enhanced airflow around the driver.

This results in improved sonic performance, as well as reduced passive isolation from outside noise. In general, open-back headphones tend to have a more spacious and realistic soundscape than closed-back headphones, which can sound much more intimate and "in your head".

They also tend to be more comfortable for long listening sessions, since there's no pressure building up inside the ear cup.

What is the benefit of open back headphones?

The benefit of open headphones is that they allow air to circulate in the ear, which can help keep the ears cool and dry.

They also tend to produce a wider soundstage, which can give the listener a sense of being more surrounded by the music.

Open back headphones can also be more comfortable for some people to wear for extended periods.

Are open back headphones better for mixing?

Yes, open back headphones are often preferred for mixing because they produce a more accurate sound.

Closed headphones can create a false sense of bass response and tend to emphasize the mid-range, which can make it difficult to accurately gauge how a track will sound when played out in public.

Open back headphones provide a more accurate representation of the low and high frequencies, making it easier to mix tracks that will sound good across a wide range of listening environments.

Do open back headphones have a better soundstage?

Generally speaking, open back headphones will have a better soundstage than closed back headphones.

This is because open back headphones allow air and sound waves to move freely in and out of the ear cups.

This creates a more spacious and realistic soundscape.

Additionally, open back headphones often have bigger drivers which also contributes to a wider

Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming That You Need!

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So, whether you’re a gamer looking for that edge in your next competition or just want to be able to relax after a long day at work with some great-sounding music, we’ve got the perfect pair of headphones for you.

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